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D4M Zip Extractor | Unzip and Unrar your compressed files effortlessly!

Open your compressed files


Compress Your Efforts!

D4M Zip Extractor will help you throughout the process of unpacking and uncompressing your compressed files such as zip, rar and tar files with just few clicks.


D4M Zip Extractor takes up very little disk space so will function to its full potential even on computers even with dated processers or little memory.

Saves your time

Extract multiple files at the same time and save time, extracting files used to be a difficult task full of complications now it couldn’t be easier.

Intuitive interface

Drag and drop files directly on to D4M Zip Extractor and have your files extracted in a matter of seconds. No more messing around creating new folders.


Now converting ZIP and RAR files in to EXE files is incredibly easy. no need to go through the long drawn out process of creating new folders and file names.

Quick, Simple and Efficient

D4M ZIP Extractor extracts, decompresses and unarchives most popular file types, 7Z, RAR, ZIP, and files to name just a few, it works quickly and simply, making extraction a simple task and saving you time. Everything with D4M ZIP Extractor is done with few clicks.

Compatible with Microsoft Windows

Compatible with Microsoft Windows D4M ZIP Extractor is able to unzip files under Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Popular types supported

Extract the most popular compressed file types in a matter of moments, compressed, games, documents, programs, whatever it may be D4M ZIP Extractor does all the difficult work for you so you can concentrate on other tasks.

Supports: ZIP, RAR, TAR


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